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Provigen aims to streamline the way IT departments utilize cloud infrastructures. This allows for easy deployment from Private R&D servers to public DDoS Protected servers and services all hosted in-house. Provigen plans to simplify the way companies order resources in a customizable way down to the megabyte. This allows the freedom to choose custom resources and not be locked into a specific “Template” that may or may not be appropriate for your stack. By allowing the ability to deploy multiple vm’s within the order terms gives the developer more freedom to deploy and test their apps. Laying down the IT infrastructures of the web 3.0 netscape allows Corporations to be competitive in the marketplace by utilizing un-managed DDoS protected Networking as a service billing structures.


Provigen’s method to supply server solution’s is by utilizing its supply chain to Newegg and hand-building bleeding-edge server hardware specific to market demands. This allows us to have the best hardware with the most storage and be competitive in the market at the current time for server hardware. Our cryptominer’s are imported from a Chinese manufacture/wholesaler. This will allow us to provide a Cryptocurrency mining service with Antminer’s. These will allow the customer to instead of purchasing a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, they’ll be able to mine with our Antminer’s and have a much higher chance of mining a coin! Chinese manufacturers sell Antminer’s to customers at higher rates than do resellers like Provigen. By utilizing this relationship with the manufacturing companies, we are able to provide much lower prices than competitors that deal with Antminer’s. Antminer’s are a server specifically designed with CPU’s that handle cryptographic instruction sets that are the only profitable measure to mine cryptocurrency. When a crypto currency is mined, it generates knew cryptocurrencies as well as rewards miners with coin’s. In the case of bitcoin due to its increased difficulties, ASIC miners such as Antminer’s are the only viable solution to mining which are only available from China. We plan to expand in Consulting services after our own expansion in the Web 3.0 field with Bitpix. Bitpix is a company owned by Provigen which will bind currency with hashes of pictures which could verify original ownership and pay owners through a Twitter web app.


Provigen Networks utilizes the power of the DDoS Protected server hardware that communicates with AWS, Azure and Google cloud to provide secured resources such as mass storage to customers that do not have the technical know-how to deploy enterprise level security systems. By offering our own proprietary infrastructure systems at a much cheaper costs due to low overhead costs by having few highly skilled workers on-demand at all times and giving the users as much permissions to their system and providing an extensive knowledgebase as well as a forum to solve their own problems.


Provigen Networks is a wide sprawling company. Provigen also has employees on board that are capable of DDoS mitigation, Xen Hypervisor Server Administration, Windows Domain administration, numerous VPN protocols and Site-to-site VPN networks, Website design, Docker, Minecraft, Linux, Router software, Layer 2 routing, as well virtual private servers. Private Cloud and Hybrid cloud being the largest. Through our own research and development in this field, our gained networking connections could help with IT Consulting in canvassing ICO deployment to customers.


The market for Provigen Network is currently America. Mainly focused on Canadian markets but has a much bigger potential market in the United States and Europe.  

Market Analysis

From analyzing just 4 months of E-commerce sales ($48,192,258,000 on March 2018 to $52,833,017,000 on July 2018)1., there is an 8% increase in online spending from Canadian households. This shows a large increase in goods being purchased online and a demand for E-commerce based websites.

“Nearly 80% of Canadians aged 18 and older reported using free versions or purchasing digital products, such as music and video streaming services, e-books, online games, mobile applications (apps) and computer software from July 2017 to June 2018.”2. The market potential is very vast with so many Canadians using online services. This is market going to get bigger with the digitization of currencies and how machines interact with each other through dApps with currencies like Ethereum. Even though the total market capitalization has gone down -56.9%4. through the months of January 1st to April 1st, the market has hit its button and is only bouncing back due to the double dip of the yearly Bitcoin chart.

Prices for Data processing, hosting, and related services has gone up 2.2%3. within 1 year as well as prices for Custom software design and development services up by 3.7%3. This shows an increased demand for these services based just on the pricing from IT Companies from 2015 to 2016.

The market for cloud services worldwide is growing at more than double the rate as Canadian markets. “The global cloud services market share was valued at $209.9 billion in 2014, and is expected to reach $555 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 17.6% during the forecast period 2014‐2020.”4.

%/Mo expenditure per server. Fund allocation:

20% Search engine optimized website layout in order to rank high in modern search engines.

10% Sponsored Personal relation articles submitted to websites to announce the new company.

10% Direct Marketing Campaigns.

5% Google Ad-sense keywords and marketing.

5% Bing text-based advertisements.

5% Blog/Forum/Knowledgebase.

5% Youtube ads.

40% Twitter/Facebook/Instagram pages and campaigns.


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